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    First Query after loading a local indexed cache

    Ges George Newbie


      The first query (using the Query DSL) that I execute against a local embedded cache on one of the indexed fields always takes a long time to execute (in may case almost 2 minutes). Subsequent queries are fast. Is there something I could do to make the first query request fast as well? Of course, I could always execute a query immediately after the data load, so that future queries are fast.

      But I would like to know if there is a better way to do this and also understand the reason for the first query being slow.




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          Ges George Newbie


          Has anyone else seen this issue before? Would be good to know if I'm not the only one who is in the same boat.




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            Adrian Nistor Newbie

            Hi George,


            I've not encountered this problem. Could you give a bit more detail about your setup?



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              Ges George Newbie


              Hi Adria,

              My setup is a LOCAL cache with 3.9 - 4 million entries, indexed by the 3 String properties of the value object. These are not large objects (around 600 bytes an object). The indexing setup is as follows. This is an ISPN-7 config but I had the same issue with ISPN-6 as well. After I load the entries into the cache, I always trigger a dummy query on the cache, which can take 2 minutes or so. All subsequent queries are fast. As you can see the indexing directory is Infinispan, so I don't expect a scenario where the first query results in warning up an index cache. It should all be available right away from ISPN.


                  <local-cache name="DataSource">
                      <indexing index="LOCAL">
                          <property name="default.indexmanager">near-real-time</property>
                          <property name="default.directory_provider">infinispan</property>
                          <property name="default.chunk_size">128000</property>
                          <property name="default.metadata_cachename">LuceneIndexesMetadataOWR</property>
                          <property name="default.data_cachename">LuceneIndexesDataOWR</property>
                          <!-- This index is dedicated to the current node -->
                          <property name="default.exclusive_index_use">true</property>
                          <!-- The default is 10, but we don't want to waste many cycles in merging
                           (tune for writes at cost of reader fragmentation) -->
                          <property name="default.indexwriter.merge_factor">30</property>
                          <!-- Never create segments larger than 1GB -->
                          <property name="default.indexwriter.merge_max_size">1024</property>
                          <!-- IndexWriter flush buffer size in MB -->
                          <property name="default.indexwriter.ram_buffer_size">1024</property>
                          <!-- Make sure to use native locking -->
                          <property name="default.locking_strategy">native</property>
                          <!-- Enable sharding on writers -->
                          <property name="default.sharding_strategy.nbr_of_shards">6</property>
                          <!--<property name="default.indexwriter.max_merge_docs">5</property>-->
                          <property name="default.max_queue_length">1000000</property>
                          <property name="default.worker.execution">async</property>
                          <property name="default.worker.thread_pool.size">32</property>



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                Sanne Grinovero Master

                Hi George,

                yes this is quite normal in Lucene world: it's very sensitive to warmup of its internal buffers. Search engines based on Lucene such as Solr include an "auto-warmup" thread, but it's mostly effective if the query it runs is similar to the actual queries you intend to run, so an auto-warmup feature makes sense on REST based services as people will define some warmup queries as text in their configuration, but in a system like this it's usually simpler to just have your system run some queries after bootup.


                We could consider an auto-warmup feature as well, if you think the above is not practical?

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                  Ges George Newbie


                  We know the query pattern we will be encountering, so we have added our own auto warm up thread. Thanks for the help!