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    Global web.xml for JBoss 6.2 EAP

    ramesh s Newbie



      I am migrating from JBoss 5.1.0 EAP to JBoss 6.2 EAP. I have to deploy multiple applications and the common configurations are placed in a global web.xml. In JBoss 5.1.0 EAP we used to have global web.xml placed at {JBOSS_HOME}\server\default\deployers\jbossweb.deployer. This helped in developing the applications that are targeted for both Tomcat and JBoss. I see that this option is not available from JBoss 6.2 EAP (JBoss 7.1). Can you please let me know is there any other way I can make this configurable for 6.2? From development document, I see that there is an option called Valve available. Is this something that I can rely on?


      Thanks in Advance.