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    EJB pool size configuration in JBOSS 7.1.0 (Thunder)

    rahul tandon Newbie

      My EJB 2.1 application has about 35+ session beans (all stateless) & I need to set max pooled instances of EACH BEAN to 500.
      I referred to this post - Re: Setting max pool size in Jboss 7.1.0.Beta1 ; defined a common pool for each bean (i.e- each of the 35 bean's descriptor had the same bean-instance-pool-ref) and then set the pool size to 500 in standalone.xml:


      snippet of jboss-ejb3.xml file in each of the 35 beans:









      Entry in standalone.xml ejb3 subsystem:


           <strict-max-pool name="my-new-pool" max-pool-size="500" instance-acquisition-timeout="5" instance-acquisition-timeout-unit="MINUTES"/> 



      My query is - does above config in standalone mean each bean can have max 500 instances ? Or does it apply to overall number of instances in the pool regardless of bean-type?

      In case it applies to all beans regardless of bean-type; is it advisable to define pool-size by averaging it out ? (i.e - 35 * 500 = 17500) , OR - should i define a separate pool (i.e - 35 pools) for each bean and then define max-pool-size for each pool individually in standalone.xml file ? What is the recommended approach , performance benefit of either approach ?


      Any insight into the above is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance..