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    Does jBPM6 support BPMN boundary events?

    Arnold Schrijver Newbie

      There is some mention in the documentation that jBPM6 (and also previous versions) supports boundary events in BPMN 2.0.


      Taken from the 6.0.1 docs:


      The full set of elements and attributes that are supported can be found below, but it includes elements like:

          • <snip/>
          • Non-interrupting Boundary Event (Escalation, Signal, Timer, Conditional, Message)
          • Interrupting Boundary Event (Escalation, Error, Signal, Timer, Conditional, Message, Compensation)


      However I can't find this functionality in the modelers, neither the online one or the Eclipse plugin.

      Should we use a different (3rd-party) modeler, or edit the BPMN XML directly?


      Are there any pointers to some good documentation on working with boundary events in jBPM?