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    Troubles with Arquillian 1.1.5.Final

    Ondra Chaloupka Master



      I have a small maven project where I'm trying how to work with Byteman. I use Arquillian there. One of the test uses manual start of WildFly instance.

      Everything works fine with 1.1.4.Final but by switching to version 1.1.5.Final stopping the server throws exception. Is neede some change in sources to be compatible with 1.1.5 version?

      The exception is:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No deployment scenario in context

              at org.jboss.arquillian.container.test.impl.client.container.ClientContainerController.stop(ClientContainerController.java:169)

              at org.jboss.qa.manual.BytemanScriptTestCase.stopContainer(BytemanScriptTestCase.java:75)


      My test class is here:



      In case it's possible to run it like

      git clone https://github.com/ochaloup/byteman-test.git

      mvn clean test -Dno.auto.arq


      Thanks for help