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Blacktie 5.0.2 Final + wildfly 8.0.0 Final: standalone-blacktie.xml configuration is missing

johann Le Biannic Newbie



I try to install blacktie 5.0.2 on wildfly 8.0.0 Final, so i follow the README file in ${BLACKTIE_HOME} :

1. Install a WildFly build

Download from https://ci.jboss.org/hudson/job/WildFly-latest-master/ and unzip

I suppose i can stay with wildfly 8.0.0 ?


2. Install the BlackTie subsystem into WildFly

unzip wildfly-blacktie-build-${VERSION}-bin.zip into ${WILDFLY_LOCATION}

There is no file standalone-blacktie.xml in this zip file !

Can i take the zip file wildfly-blacktie-build-${VERSION}-bin.zip from blacktie 5.0.0 Final ?


3. Install the BlackTie administration services into WildFly

copy blacktie-admin-services-ear-*.ear to dir ${WILDFLY_LOCATION}/standalone/deployments



4. Make changes as defined in:


One of the first step of this Ant script is to copy standalone-blacktie.xml from {WILDFLY_LOCATION}/docs/examples/configs to {WILDFLY_LOCATION}/standalone/configuration.

=> In the file wildfly-blacktie-build-${VERSION}-bin.zip from blacktie 5.0.2 there is no file standalone-blacktie.xml

=> the standalone-blacktie.xml of blacktie 5.0.0 contains org.jboss.as.configadmin extention module which is not in wildfly so i can't start widlfly with the file standalone-blacktie.xml

In summary:

- No standalone-blacktie.xml in blacktie 5.0.2 Final release

- The standalone-blacktie.xml file in blacktie 5.0.0 Final doesn't work (org.jboss.as.configadmin extention module not in wildfly)


What i'm doing wrong, I have missing something ?

Thanks in advance for your answer (and sorry for my english).