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    Try to use JSFUnit under IntelliJ + Tomcat 7


      Hi, I have some question about JSFUnit. I'm a programmer of a student project. We have to build a login- and management-system. So we tried it in JSF (Mojarra) under IntelliJ U. Now we'll test our system.

      We found a lots of tutorials for using JSFUnit, but none of our implementations are working. Could you help us?


      We're using JSF 2.2 (Mojarra) in IntelliJ with Tomcat 7 (local installation) and wants to use JSFUnit (Arquillian way). Which components do we need? Is it recommend, that we use pom.xml, and when, what's do we need in it? Or is there any anonther way?



      I hope you can help us.


      Thank you, Tom.