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    How to avoid importing a jar that contains a model into Drools Guvnor?




      I have some rules that evaluate some POJOs. The current solution is to create a model by importing the JAR which contains the necessary classes.


      The problem is that that JAR has other dependencies (it's a maven project with dependencies to other maven projects). This makes me in an obligation to share many JARs to the client.


      So is there a way to avoid sharing the model with the client?


      By the way, I've tried to create plain text rules in Drools Guvnor by I couldnt. I wanted to type "import path.to.package.of.MyClass", but I couldnt. I was thinking of doing this way, then forcing the package compilation to pass (I don't know how to force it to pass), and so when running the rule in my application I'm in hope that it find the necessary classes in my application.


      Please, I need your help.


      Thank you a lot!