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    External WebService with multiple arguments



      Just started evaluating SY. I am currently trying to connect with an external WS through composite reference, however connecting with a one that only takes one parameter works fine. However utilizing a service with multiple arguments result in the following error in the Tool

      unresolvable service interface the specified interface does not exist on the project classpath

      After searching around, i stumble on a forum post (Re: Re: Fresh Start Project SwitchYard problems) and it was mentioned that the service interface cant take more than one argument. This seems acceptable for the services that we have written ourselves but what can we do about the service that has been written by 3rd party vendors ? Any recommendations or ideas ?

      The source is attached, i am using two services from webservicex.net. The CurrencyConvertorSoap service is causing the issue and it takes two arguments.


      Switchyard: 1.11

      JbossAS Version: 6.1

      Eclipse Tool: 1.11


      Adding the project for reference.