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    How to skip deployment for jboss_remote container

    MINNA HU Newbie

      I have 2 containers, one is jboss_managed container, the other is jboss_remote container. For jboss_remote, I will start JBoss and deploy ear manually, and then run Arquillian tests against it, so I want to skip all deployments when I use jboss_remote container.

      I put @TargetsContainer("jboss_managed") before each @Deployment method, but Arquillian still triggers each @Deployment method, and when Arquillian tries to deploy the ear returned by each@Deployment method, it fails to find TargetsContainer("jboss_managed"). It can only find jboss_remote. Do you know any way to skip @Deployment in jboss_remote container mode? Thank you~