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    What is the purpose of a 'Guided Rule'?

    Akshay Wankhede Newbie

      AFAIK, a rule-flow group can be fired from a BPMN2 process, using a Business Rule Task. The Business Rule Task requires a ruleflow-group name as a part of configuration. I'm trying to make use of jbpm-6.1.0.CR1, there is no place to specify a rule-flow group name in a guided rule (of course in the KIE workbench.)


      Please forgive me for my naivete, can somebody please answer or at least bump into:

      1. How to make use of a guided rule?

      2. Is lack of ruleflow-group in the guided rule editor a serious defect?


      Thanks in advance.

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          micste Newbie

          1. rules containing the specified ruleflow-group are fired (as described in your question) from a Business rule task

          2. you can add a ruleflow-group in the Guided Rule Editor by clicking on "(Show Options)" in the lower left Corner and then click on the "plus sign" on the right and the select ruleflow-group from attributes list and fill the new field