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    Performance degradation while creating large number of child nodes under a single parent




      I have been evaluating fedora 4 performance for hierarchical and flat node structures. I am seeing a huge performance degradations when the number of child nodes under a single parent is in the order of ten thousands. In profiling the test, I found that ModeShape JcrSession save was taking the most time. I measured the performance of creating 1000 objects each with a single 10K fcr:content node. In the hierarchical case, all nodes including the parent node was restricted to maximum of 100 child nodes. The load process completed in less than a minute (~35 seconds). Whereas, for the non-hierarchical test, the 1000 objects were created under a parent node that already had 90K+ nodes. It took a little over 12 minutes to complete. I have attached the profiling results with this post.


      I read that the Modeshape 3 could handle 100K+ childnodes without losing much performance. I would appreciate your comments on whether this is an expected behavior.