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    How to only resolve versions numbers and/or poms without downloading artifact Jars?


      Hello ShrinkWrap devs/users, my first post here.


      How do I resolve only poms, I don't want Shrinkwrap to download the jars for me, I am using this type of snippet, and my code gets runs over and over ni a large number of nodes, which is causing large network traffic, when all I want in this phase is to resolve the versions of things,


      I am using this snippet,

      MavenResolvedArtifact a = Maven.configureResolver() .withMavenCentralRepo(false) .fromClassloaderResource("downloader-settings.xml") .resolve(artifactGAV).withoutTransitivity() .asSingleResolvedArtifact();


      I am doing this for a large number of components, and all I want is to resolve the latest version numbers of artifacts, I don't actually need to download them