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    How to get advanced UI?

    Oleg Efimov Newbie

      Hello, everyone,


      I'm trying to get some attractive-looking UI of jBPM 6.0 Form Modeler -- real life processes usually require that. Here I'm using PrimeFaces components as examples.


      1. Controls

      Controls, provided out of the box, are rather basic (text, number, date)... Is it possible to plug in or at least to develop advanced components? Like:

      2. Layout

      Again, OOTB layout is ok for trivial cases. Advanced must-haves:


      3. Conditional Rendering

      Very often you need to show/hide some field (or even an entire section of fields) based on process context or even on current user input.

      E.g. there is a field on a form 'Marital Status', and in case 'Married' is selected, section 'Spouse Details' should show itself.


      4. Validation

      Real life process validation includes cases like "this date must not be in the past" or "this date must not be before that date". Is there some mechanism for custom validation?


      5. Modal Dialogs

      Sometimes you need to show/ask user for something, using a modal dialog: