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    ESB Evaluation and Message Tracking Functionality

    Avi Segev Newbie

      I am evaluating a few ESB products for an integration project.

      One of the features I require is message auditing and tracking capability, preferably a complete solution.


      Looking briefly at the Servicemix documentation it is suggested in the ?Is ServiceMix the Right ESB for Me?? page that this can be achieved by using the EIP WireTap to send each message to both an auditing service.

      I found that Mule will have what appears to be a complete solution for message auditing and tracking (on the Mule Web site mentioned as Mule Saturn).

      JBoss ESB provides what they call a message store.

      Is there any thing on offer for Fuse ESB in this area of functionality?

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          Gert Vanthienen Novice



          Currently, there isn't a complete web-based solution for this requirement, but ServiceMix does have a few extension points which allow you to easily build this yourself.


          There's is an ExchangeListener interface available -- this allows you to plug in straight in the heart of the NMR itself, automatically receiving callbacks for every single message that passes through the ESB.  This should allow you to store just that information about the MessageExchange that you are actually interested in so you are able to visualize that afterwards.


          We used this ourselves to provide you with a JDBC- and File-based ExchangeListener implementation -- messages are archives either in a RDBMS or in the filesystem.  These classes are called JdbcAuditor and FileAuditor and will be available through JMX for remote management once you configure them (i.e. add them to conf/servicemix.xml).  If you want this for your own implementation as well, just extend AbstractAuditor (which also implements ExchangeListener).


          By the way,  it has nothing to do with message tracking, but if you also want to monitor how/if the ESB is running, you can install FUSE HQ to do that.