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    How to load several routes in different classes in unit tests?

    Milton Becker Junior Newbie

      Hi there,


      Is it possible to load several camel routes in unit tests?


      For example, I have the following route:


      public class CompleteRoute extends RouteBuilder {


          public static final String jettyURL = "";


          public void configure() throws Exception {

               from("jetty:" + jettyURL)






      This route, as you can see, calls an endpoint of another route, the TransformRoute:


      public class TransformRoute extends RouteBuilder {


           public static final String DIRECT_TRANSFORM = "direct:transform";


           public void configure() throws Exception {






      Then i did an unit test for CompleteRoute:


      public class CompleteRouteTest extends ContextTestSupport {


           private static final String MOCK_RESULT = "mock:result";

           MockEndpoint resultEndPoint;



           protected void setUp() throws Exception {


                resultEndPoint = resolveMandatoryEndpoint(MOCK_RESULT, MockEndpoint.class);




           protected RouteBuilder createRouteBuilder() throws Exception {

                return new CompleteRoute() {


                     public void configure() throws Exception {






           public void testCompleteRouteOK() throws Exception {

                String expectedBody = ReadFile.getFileContents("src/main/resources/msg_ok.xml");

                String sentBody = ReadFile.getFileContents("src/test/resources/xml_test.xml");





                Object request = template.requestBody(CompleteRoute.jettyURL, sentBody);

                template.sendBody(MOCK_RESULT, request);






      When I run it, it loads the Jetty component just fine, but it won't load the TranformRoute, so I get the following error:


      "DirectProducer WARN  No getConsumers() available on Producer[direct:transform] for Exchange[]"


      Any clues? Any help would be much appreciated


      PS: if I run it with mvn camel:run it works just fine


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