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    ServiceMix deployments on JBoss.




      I have some conceptual questions on having the ServiceMix runtime hosted in JBoss. What I tried to push in our company was a solution based on Camel only, no NMR nor XML centredness. But as of new constraints after a merger, I came to know that any server-side Java components are to be hosted on JBoss.


      So my only option in trying to introduce your potent integration framework seems to be JBI-enabling JBoss by deploying ServiceMix to it and have Camel as an SE. Right ?


      Furthermore, I would appreciate pointers to information on the integration of the JBI and JEE container/resources. In particular on how JBoss would complement ServiceMix and/or where the two would possibly overlap/collide. I would also appreciate getting pointers on the particular SE that hooks the two containers together.


      And ultimately (sorry for bringing up so many points) I would like to know of the envisioned strategy in deploying ServiceMix 4 to JBoss, with ServiceMix Kernel itself becoming the (lightweight) "application server".


      Cheers, Christian.