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    ESB end point or a Camel end point

    sriram_imshriram Novice


      I am new to java as well as FUSE. I am just trying to undersand the difference between the ESB (ServiceMix end point and CAMEL end point).


      And also, considering the following scenario, can you please give me some inputs on how to acheive it?


      I am subscribed to a JMS producer. When i receive a message(XML), depending on a particular info, I invoke a bean method to fetch a better detailed XML from the source.

      i.e the source send me an message like


      Whenever i receive the Ticket closed info, i need to call a bean method to obtain more information and then use the camel router.

      I can use filters to take no action when unwanted messages are received but to call anotehr bean method from the router is something I am not sure if acheivable.(Should this condition check be made in ESB or CAMEL?)


      It would be great if someone can help me in this regard.