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    Question: Installing camel components into ServiceMix.


      "You need to install the camel-stream.jar into your OSGi kernel.


      Generally all camel components have their own .jar file. Some is grouped together into the core and others in spring. But most have their own.


      And some of these components depends on 3rd party .jars as well that must also be installed. But camel-stream does not have any such dependencies.


      You can see the artifactId from this list, which is the filename

      http://camel.apache.org/components.html" - Claus Ibsen


      Follow-up question:

      1. You create a camel route using the camel components. example: uri=jetty:...

      2. You deploy your bundle to servicemix "install -s"

      3. You receive an error like:

      org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unresolved constraint in bundle 245: package; (&(package=org.apache.camel.component.http)(version>=1.5.4.fuse))

      4. To fix this Unresolved constraint you must

           a. Figure-out what component (jar) you need.

           b. Find/locate the jar somewhere.

           c. Figure-out and find all the depend jars.

           d. install/start the all required jars (components) in servicemix.


      Questions: Can you provide any help/documentation on how and where(location) a developer can find all the required jars? Are all the camel components jar apart of the servicemix install? Are the jar location in some known place on the internet. Can the jars be install via maven (install mvn:...) from some shared repository? Is there a OSGI feature that installs all the camel components? 


      Just don't know where to get this missing components from?


      Thanks in advance,