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      Does anyone know the correct usage for concurrentConsumers=?

      The number of consumers do start; moreover only one thread receives and consumes, all the messages (this is not a prefetch problem).


      Im thinking it's a problem w/my implementation


      What I'm doing is (pseudo code)




      When you view the ActiveMQ console you see 10 consumers; if you put 100K messages on the queue and "view consumers"  only one consumer is receiving all the messages.




      Thanks for any help; I hope to resolve this asap.  Thanks for the great work and products, especially the new IDE !


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          This appears to be because the Connections are being shared and the sessions are unique.  I have played with the CACHE_CONNECT, etc... Unfortunately that still appears to run synchronized spreading the load across consumers, opening and closing a connections for each message.  Brutal.



          Fixed, I need a beer!  The problem was w/the originating messages.  NMS has a

          header request.Properties["NMSXGroupID"] = "NMSXGroupID" that somewhere in the depths of NMS get converted into a Group header.  Each message was then forwarding to the consumer assigned the first message group.



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            Nothing to do w/ActiveMQ/Spring/Camel. see request.Properties"NMSXGroupID"