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    Remote Root Container on Windows

    Wayne Irwin Newbie


      I have installed Fuse Management Console V0.9.10. I installed OpenSSH on a Windows workstation and then tried to create a remote root container on it. It proceeded without error (on the FMC), but did not actually provision a container.


      Reading the manual at http://fusesource.com/docs/fmc/1.0/user_guide/FMCUGContainerCreateSSH.html contains a note indicating that root containers cannot be installed on Windows by the FMC.


      My questions are:


      1) Is deploying root containers to the Windows OS a strategic direction and the beta just does not include it yet?


      2) Why can't FMC deploy root containers to Windows OS? Is there something I can install on Windows to make it acceptable to FMC to deploy to, like a fuller instance a Unix emulator?


      Missing Installation Instructions

      Also, as part of the install, I had to add my subscription licence.  Our company uses a web proxy, so the automated download failed.  I retrieved my license key manually from the FuseSource web site, but when I tried to install it, I got an error stating that JCE could not find a BC provider.  Once I installed BouncyCastle security provider, the key was accepted.  Please add these details to the install instructions.





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          Ioannis Canellos Newbie

          Hi Wayne,


          As you already found inside the documentation, creating remote root containers to a windows host is not currently supported and is not planned for the G.A. release.


          You can still install manually the FuseESB/FuseMQ etc distribution to the remote windows host and join the cluster using the fabric:join command.


          Regarding your second question, using a unix emulator could possibly get you further, but its not a recommendation.


          Thanks a lot for the feedback about the bouncycastle jce provider.

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            Stan Lewis Novice

            Also just want to mention that the issue with the bouncycastle provider will be fixed for GA, so it shouldn't necessary to perform that step.