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    How to overwrite an existing agent name?

    Thomas Chang Apprentice

      I registered an agent with name called JON-TEST. Later I want to change it. So I uninventory it in JON-Server first and shutdown and restart the agent with option -l. As I entered another name to the agent and go further, I got following message. Seems the old agent name is saved anywhere. How can I delete the old agent and re-register a new one?

      The setup has been completed for the preferences at node [/rhq-agent/default].
      The server has rejected the agent registration request. Cause: [org.rhq.core.clientapi.server.core.AgentRegistrationException:The agent asking for registration is trying to register the same address/port [] that is already registered under a different name [JON-TEST]; if this new agent is actually the same as the original, then re-register with the same name]