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    performance test / load testing of fuse esb

    Suryakant Gupta Newbie

      I have developed an osgi bundle (camel and cxf) and deployed it on Fuse Esb container. I am required to do the performance test or to produce the benchmark of the application.


      Is there any way I can calculate the throughput of the the time taken by the esb to call the downstream (the target webservice in camel route, which is not part of the application, it is third party service) web service. and the time taken by the esb to send the response back to the client.


      I am using JMeter to Performance test the fuse esb. I call the web service end point that is configured in camelcontext which in turns call the camel processor and place a call to  a web service which is outside of the application. But I do not want include the time taken by the web service that is not part of our application. I just want the time taken by the esb to process the request till the time of placing of the web service request.