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    Tail View for logs?

    mikek753_michael.korolyov Newbie



      Does or will FuseIDE provide View for tail logs?

      Something like NTail or LogViewer Eclipse plugins, but built in FuseIDE plugin.



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          Michał Warecki Novice

          There is Log View in FuseIDE but I think it is only for Fuse Fabric. I can't see any logs using local Servicemix.


          I think the only way to view logs from "standard" Servicemix is connecting to it by SSH in Shell view and typing "log:display".

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            foobar baxqux Newbie

            This is all i'm aware of too.


            In Karaf you can tail the logs with unix style piping,

            log:display | tail


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              Claus Ibsen Master

              The Log View in Fuse IDE is targeted to work with any Karaf based container, eg SMX, Karaf, Fuse ESB, Fuse MQ, etc.


              It do have a slight delay upon initializing the log viewer. And hence why the log view may be empty.


              And IMHO the view should be improved to show which active connection it displays, as when you have multiple containers connected it may not be so easy to spot which one you browse currently.


              And yes we are also fixing some bugs etc so the upcoming 7.0.1 release should have a better Fuse IDE release.