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    XStream implicitCollections


      I am trying to convert some json to an object but am getting a XStream DuplicateFieldException. From googling, its suggested i should use "implicitCollections".


      The JSON looks as follows:


      {"emailRequest": {

        "to": [






        "email": {

          "subject": "ESB ALERT - activemq://Consumer.VendaUAT.VirtualTopic.sendStockToExternalServices",

          "message": "{\"inventoryChangedRequest\": {\u000a  \"inventory\": {\u000a    \"sku\": \"azz5876010433\",\u000a    \"quantity\": 42\u000a  }\u000a}}"




      to is a List


      This converts the collection to Objects, instead of Strings. Any idea how i'd get it to convert to a list of strings?