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    FTP download ZIP fails


      I have a simple route that downloads a ZIP file and puts it onto my local system. But when i try to read (via code) or open the zip (by double clicking on the file) i get an exception:


      java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid entry size (expected 106152 but got 107190 bytes)



          <from uri="ftp://boohool@somewhere.com/us/StockFeed?password=***//boohool@somewhere.com/us/StockFeed?password=***&amp;initialDelay=5000&amp;delay=60000&amp;useFixedDelay=true&amp;readLock=changed&amp;include=..zip&amp;sortBy=file:modified&amp;delete=true&amp;stepwise=false"/>



      I know the file isnt corrupted, as i can download it with WinSCP.


      Any ideas...