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    Should XA really work?

    nl Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to configure MS and infinispan for XA transaction support, but I fail.

      Env: MS 3.8.0, Infinispan 5.2.10, EAP5


      What I get is:



          at org.infinispan.transaction.xa.TransactionXaAdapter.start(TransactionXaAdapter.java:147)

          at org.modeshape.jcr.JcrXaSession.start(JcrXaSession.java:59)



      Debugging the code I see that

      JcrXaSession.start() is delegating the call to repository.documentStore().xaResource(). DocumentStore is in my case a LocalDocumentStore which in turn delegates to localCache().getAdvancedCache() the which results in a org.infinispan.CacheImpl:




         public XAResource getXAResource() {

            return new TransactionXaAdapter(txTable, recoveryManager, txCoordinator, commandsFactory, rpcManager, null, config, name);




      Now this contructor explicitly set the localTransactio to null.

      But that one is required in org.inifispan.transaction.xa.TransactionXaAdapter.start():




         public void start(Xid externalXid, int i) throws XAException {

            Xid xid = convertXid(externalXid);

            //transform in our internal format in order to be able to serialize



            if (trace) log.tracef("start called on tx %s", this.localTransaction.getGlobalTransaction());




      How should this work in any way?


      Thanks for any help,