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    WELD 2.2.5.Final broke deploy and arquillian test



      one change in the WELD 2.2.5.Final was to change default isolation from false to true, so certain application or arquillian tests will break.


      For example, my application has war file, it include a lot module jar file, only one jar has interceptor/producers, the rest can use it with WELD 2.2.4.Final, but with WELD 2.2.5.Final, it failed to run (can't find the interceptors), unless I add @Priority or turn on







      And in the arquillian test, I created war archive, it included the jars and also the test classes, if I don't turn on the context param, it will fail deployment, and can't find the producer method as well.


      Why need to change the default setting? can we change it back in the future release?