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    Roaster: JavaClassSource to file




      I have started to use Roaster (standalone) to generate some java code.


      When you havea org.jboss.forge.roaster.model.source.JavaClassSource, what is the best way to write the content into a file?


      I could not find anything. How are other developers using Roaster?


      I came up with this method (based on google guava):


      public static void toFile(JavaClassSource javaClass, File srcFolder) throws IOException {

        File f = srcFolder;

        String[] parts = javaClass.getPackage().split("\\.");

        for (String n : parts) {

          f = new File(f, n);


        f = new File(f, javaClass.getName() + ".java");


        Files.write(javaClass.toString(), f, Charsets.UTF_8);