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    Jbpm 5.4 task content access through Java code


      I have deployed my work flow in Jbpm guvnor and started a new workflow. Each user task has a task form. Then I access task form via Rest API  and complete the task. All works fine and data is saved to database. Then I am trying to get user filled data in task form through java code. But it doesn't work..



                  Content content = taskService.getContent(task.getTaskData().getDocumentContentId());



                   Object obj = null;

                   ByteArrayInputStream bInput = new ByteArrayInputStream(content.getContent());

                   ObjectInputStream inputStream = new ObjectInputStream(bInput);


                   obj = inputStream.readObject();


                     int c;

                     for(int y = 0 ; y < 1; y++ ) {

                           while(( c= bInput.read())!= -1) {




                          // bInput.reset();



              } catch (Exception e1) {

                  // TODO Auto-generated catch block




      Can anyone say how to get task form filled data through the java code??