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    [JBoss BRMS 5.3][jBPM 5.2] How can I add service task with work item handler

    Mateusz Adamiak Newbie



      What I want to do is to run the process through jBPM REST interface from my application and inside the process execute the logic from Java code inside my application.


      I have troubles with adding service task to the business process that would execute the Java code. I have found 3 resources in the internet where this topic is discussed [1][2][3], but they seem not to work in my case. The output is always the same - could not find work item handler for <Service task name>.


      [1] looks like a step by step guide. In my case I had some troubles with finding proper directories as we are using JBoss EAP in domain mode and deployed applications are in directories which names are created in runtime as some hash values. But nevertheless I have found these directories, I applied all the steps - creating configuration files, moving jar files and so on - still the outcome was that the work item handler could not be found. I made sure that the jar is in place, as in [2] this was the reason why it did not work.


      In [3] the registration of work item handler is through java code, but in my case it is not desired, as it would require changes in code each time new handler is added.


      Can someone guide me what should I do, to make service task work? I already lost my patience trying to fix this. I would be very greatful.





      [1] - Example of simple process of executing a service task in JBPM Console.

      [2] - jBPM Console Server can't find WorkItem Handler Implementation

      [3] - https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/JBoss_Enterprise_BRMS_Platform/5/html-single/BRMS_Business_Process_Managem…