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    Where is Guvnor?


      Hello Guvnor Forum,


      I am terribly confused on where I can find and install Guvnor.  I read on this page that Guvnor is a part of the JBoss BRMS: http://www.jboss.org/products/brms/community/  Also, from the page at www.drools.org it appears that Guvnor is part of Drools. I am not sure where Guvnor is located in Drools though. I have found only very confusing documentation that is outdated as it shows Guvnor as a web application that says Guvnor on it. I cannot find this software. I am using the JBoss EAP server that comes with BRMS.


      Also, according to this documentation Chapter 15. Workbench in section 15.1.1 there is a web-archive file "kie-wb-*.war"  for my application server, which I guess in this case is the EAP server that comes with Jboss BRMS. I am not finding this .war file though. I downloaded the software from drools.org by clicking the 'Download Drools 6.1' icon. The only .war file in this is: drools-camel-server-example-6.1.0.Final.war.


      Can someone please help me understand these matters? I obtained some excellent help on a different forum on this website but wanted to ask more questions to make sure I am understanding everything.




      Kyle Smith