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    Decision Tables - BRMS - Re-compilation Requirement?

    Kyle Smith Newbie

      Hello Everybody,


      I have been working with the decision-table project from the quickstart guides (jboss-brms-quickstarts/decision-table at 6.1.x-develop · jboss-developer/jboss-brms-quickstarts · GitHub) and had a question about something. If I add a rule to the Excel spreadsheet (decision-table) does the application need to be recompiled in order to work with the new rule? What if I just change an Action in one of the cells such as changing what is printed on the console in the System.out.println() statement? Would this require the application to be recompiled?


      Also, from my understanding when using Maven to run the application the mvn clean test -Penable-test,brms command would re-compile everything anyway correct?


      In a production environment is it possible to change the decision-table but not have to recompile the application?


      Thank-you for reading this. From my understanding one of the main benefits of using Drools, Guvnor, etc is that the application code does not have to be recompiled. I wanted to ask this on here though to confirm what I think I know.




      Kyle Smith

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          Petr Široký Newbie



          the application does not necessarily need to be recompiled when you change the decision table. You of course need to reload the decision table somehow so the engine is aware of the changes. You can do it manually or for example using the KieScanner (see Drools Documentation for more information).


          The Maven quickstarts are simple examples that are showing particular feature. So unless the quickstart is using the specific "reloading" feature you need to recompile the application each time you change the decision table. But that does not mean there is not a  way to do it without recompilation.


          I was trying to find some quickstart/example that would show how to do this, but I could not find one. We might need to create one.




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            Kyle Smith Newbie



            Wow! Thank-you for the interesting reply. I guess there are some ways to change the decision table and re-execute the program without recompilation.


            Also, that would be very awesome if there were more examples to look at and study. I am not too familiar with Java Enterprise Edition (EE). Although, using this web application BRMS to create applications is not really Java programming and I guess that is not the intent of the application since it is supposed to make development easier for non-developers such as analysts.






            P.S. - Does the book, "Drools Starter" go over any of this? I am reading the beginning now but it seems to go over only how to use Drools through the Eclipse plug-in.