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    Query Framework related

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      We are trying to bring Infinispan layer between Application and DB for performance reasons.


      Our clients are in Java, C++ and Ruby.

      We are working on creating a client for C++ and Ruby for supporting Infinispan Queries.


      Our understanding is Query is supported for Java Clients are there some design docs available for providing similar support in C++ and Ruby.

      We would like to develop and contribute back if there is some thought already in for making these changes. From Roadmap it seems its planned from 8.x , but we would like to pitch in earlier and get this thing implemented and contributed back to community.


      Second question is how complaint are Queries with ANSI SQL to what extent existing queries can be supported using the current Query framework available in Infinispan.

      Do we need to change our client presently talking to Oracle DB to support Infinispan's query framework or we can still keep some of the queries and use Oracle for complex queries like across DB joins etc.