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    Using TransactionalDriver with JBoss Modules

    Michael Musgrove Master

      This post is taken from a discussion raised in JBTM-2280


      Using TransactionalDriver with JBoss Modules is proving difficult because the way it is implemented creates a circular dependency between narayana and the client module. Would it be possible to offer an API that lets me hand it an instance of `XADataSource` (it doesn't care where that comes from) and hands me back an instance of `DataSource` that I can use to obtain transaction-bound connections. There is no reason, AFAICT, to involve JNDI in this at all. Something like

      XADataSource xads = youJustDontNeedToCare();
      DataSource ds = narayana.registerDataSource(xads);


      This would also need to work in a recovery scenario where the application is no longer present so passing classes/objects directly to narayana will not necessarily work.