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    jboss CLI module delete command fails in Windows


      Here are the steps describing the problem.


      I am using EAP 6.1.0 GA environment


      1. I have added a jboss module using CLI command (module add --name=com.abc.xyz.module --resources=abc.jar)

      2. Module got added successfully. module is loaded and later point

      Now, when i tried to remove the module(added in step1) using CLI command (module remove --name=com.abc.xyz.module) Then it is failing with the error.

           Failed to delete C:\EAP_Workspace\sandbox\parent\server\target\project\jboss\modules\com\abc\xyz\module\main\abc.jar

      this is because windows still hold a lock on this jar resource of jboss module   hence could not able to delete the jar files .

      Is there a way to forcefully delete or unload a module? Any module which we deploy will be used in some or the other way. In any case, if a module is used once we cannot get rid of that module until we stop the jboss and manually delete that module. How can we delete that module with out restarting my jboss?