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    Add emails and groups of emails to DTGov


      I have been trying to add email notification destination to DTGov deployed on EAP 6.3. Adding this to EAP standalone.xml works fine and I get email as expected:

      <property name="governance.email" value="docMgr|overlord@mycompany.com|sampleEmail@gmail.com"/>

      But I have problems adding multiple emails or email groups. When trying to add several emails, as stated in dtgov documentation

      <property name="governance.email" value="docMgr|overlord@mycompany.com|sampleEmail@gmail.com:sample@gmail.com"/>

      I get the following error: ERROR adding multiple emails to DTGov


      I tried this one as well:

      <property name="governance.email" value="docMgr|overlord@mycompany.com|sampleEmail@gmail.com,sample@gmail.com"/>

      and I get following error:

      ERROR [org.overlord.sramp.governance.services.NotificationResource] (http-/ Error sending a notification email:

      governance..<email|..> should be of the format <groupName>|<fromAddress>|<destination1>,<destination2>




      Also, I tried modifying this property using CLI commands, but when I try the command:


      I get the following error:

      Failed to get the list of the operation properties: "JBAS014749: Operation handler failed:

      Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle, key overlord-configuration.configuration.property.add"


      I am not sure whether this is a bug or I am missing something out.