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    Camel subsystem on WildFly

    Thomas Diesler Master



      I’m happy to announce the availability of the Camel subsystem for WildFly.


      The WildFly-Camel Subsystem allows you to add Camel Routes as part of the WildFly configuration.

      Routes can be deployed as part of JavaEE applications. JavaEE components can access the Camel Core API and various Camel Component APIs.

      Your Enterprise Integration Solution can be architected as a combination of JavaEE and Camel functionality.


      We added a number of new camel components to the subsystem and added support for the WildFly domain mode.

      A new set of standalone examples shows how to use Camel in the context of JavaEE applications.

      Ready available docker images are published as wildflyext/wildfly-camel.


      For details, please have a look at the release notes.