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    create a jhipster like addons




      I would like to use a framework to create a singe page web application.http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/761202/Single-Page-Web-Applications-using-AngularJS

      I tested several RAD framework and for me the best one would be a mix between jhipster and jboss forge.

      The features I would like to use from jhipster (https://jhipster.github.io/tech_stack.html) with jboss forge are:

      • easy application configuration
      • configuration for building, testing and running the application
      • "development" and "production" profiles
      • Security
      • Database updates
      • Monitoring with Metrics
      • Full internationalization support with Angular Translate
      • Optional  Compass/ Sass support for CSS design
      • Testing with Karma and PhantomJS
      • Support for the Thymeleaf template engine, to generate Web pages on the server side
      • ...

      Other features:

      • a page to manage the security: users and group, ...

      Is something similar exists or is planned to be done.

      What would be the best way the start? One addon, several addons?

      For the security, is it better to start from scratch or modify the picketlink addon to work with angularjs?


      Many Thanks

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             Coincidentally, we've been exploring how to support front-end development better, possibly through

          • some form of integration in Forge with yeoman,
          • or simply play well with yeoman, so that you can use jhipster with Forge.


            I haven't looked at jhipster in depth, so I can't answer whether we would replicate everything in Forge. Some of it may not make sense, while others would. As for security, we'd look at picketlink to work with JAX-RS (considering that the angularjs addon can generate JAX-RS resource classes), but this is not a necessity. It naturally follows that multiple addons would require changes, and that having one single addon may complicate things due to size. Is there any chance we could discuss this in depth on IRC (my handle is vineetreynolds).



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            I am currently looking into ways to achieve an integration between jboss forge and jhipster exactly as written in this post.

            Is it true that there is no forge plugin that currently provides a yeoman integration?


            Would it be better to trigger yeoman from forge or trigger forge from yeoman?

            Probably a JHipster Plugin and a JBoss Forge plugin have to be written that play well together.


            Anybody else interested in starting / investigating on this project?