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    module.xml and jboss-deployment-structure.xml marshalling unmarshlling api

    Bing-Jin Lin Newbie



        Does Jboss eap provde any programming interface to read and write module.xml and jboss-deployment-structure.xml?


      Thanks for any responses.

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          Jay SenSharma Master

          I do not see an option to generate jboss-deployment-structure.xml using some programming interface,  However we can add a module using jboss-cli.sh script hsing "module add" command as following, Which will create the module structure and will generate the module.xml file as well:


          module add --name=xyz.org.mysql --resources=/PATH/TO/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar --dependencies=javax.api,javax.transaction.api


          The same command above command can also be executed using "org.jboss.as.cli.CommandContext" based java program as well as an alternative to programmetic approach

          import java.io.IOException;
          import org.jboss.as.cli.CommandContext;
          import org.jboss.as.cli.CommandContextFactory;
          import org.jboss.as.cli.CommandLineException;
          public class Main {
            public static void main(String[] args) throws CommandLineException, IOException {
              String host = "localhost";   //
              int port = 9990;
              String username="admin";
              char[] password="admin@123".toCharArray();
              CommandContext ctx=null;
              try {
                ctx = CommandContextFactory.getInstance().newCommandContext(username,password);
                ctx.connectController(host, port);
                String cliCommand="module add --name=xyz.org.mysql --resources=/PATH/TO/mysql-connector-java-5.1.13-bin.jar --dependencies=javax.api,javax.transaction.api";
               } catch (CommandLineException e) {
               } finally {


          You can also try the jboss DMR  APIs