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    Accessing uploaded file on rule-definition(.drl) in JBOSS BRMS workbench

    Jovi Rengga Salira Newbie

      hi Everyone,


      I am on working building a rule-engine using JBRMS Workbench, the current business logic is having a reference(assets) file (such as plain .txt, .xls, .xml) and accesses during facts driven on drools file, I noticed that there's a feature on workbench to upload a file, I am planning to use this as feature to add more externals asset inside the projects, the question is how do I access this file during rules(I have an application to interfacing this requirement, Java, and it is using file path accessing), the problems is I am using path to streams the assets(reference), and calls on rules definitions, as workbench doesn't know about the without git location-path(I am not sure if workbench has variables for locations) as workbench utilizes git to store assets and projects. I have been learning drools for almost 6 months and learn more about the workbench about 2 months, I have no issues at all by implements without workbench. please warn me to notice If I am not on best approaches and if there's something I couldn't do by the workbench.



      Jovi Salira