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    How to do hot deployment in FS-Exploded ?


      Hi ,


      We are using FS-Exploded option to deploy our applications in JBoss EAP6.1.1.G.A. More over, We are using domain mode in EAP 6.1.1.G.A


          <deployment name="Example.war" runtime-name="Example.war">
                  <fs-exploded path="/opt/JBoss_EAP/Jboss_EAP_Exploded/deployments/Example.war"/>


      We would like to deploy the application whenever we have replaced / edited a single file. To enable Hot Deployment, I have created marker file 'Example.war.dodeploy' in the following folder




      But Changes in files / folders are not getting deployed. Nothing changed in the log and our application.


      Please guide us to enable Hot Deployment in FS-Exploded with Domain Mode.


      ArunRaj. R