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    Null hibernate session factory in ejb3

    francesco milesi Newbie

      I have the following configuration:

      I am using 4.0.2 with ejb3 installed.
      I deployed an ear with a .war, an .ejb3 (just a stateless session bean) and a .har. I can see my hibernate session factory in the jndi tree (java:/hb/factory), I can get a reference to the session bean, but when I look for the session factory in my stateless bean I get a null reference. I eliminated the hibernate3 and related jars from my WEB-INF/lib, as suggested in some posts: I get the session factory, but I cannot use mapped classes in my web application, because of ClassCastExceptions (proxy cannot find the source).

      Any idea ? Something miseconfigured or used in an illegal way ?

      Thanks in advance for help.