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    How to configure maxdeliverylimit and DLQ for a message in MDB in jboss 6 using IBM MQ


      I need help on IBM MQ messaging in Jboss 6 server.

      I am using MDB's to listen messages from IBM MQ in jboss 6 server. and I am using trasactions(container,Required) for MDBS.


      After MDB3 listens message and processing of message failed due to validation failure ,the trasnaction is rolled back and  the same message is redelivering infinitly. so i want to set redelivery limit to zero and configure DLQ to send message to it once the maxredelivery limit is reached.

      I am using ha profile in domain mode.

      Please help me on how to configure maxdeliverylimit in domain.xml so that all MDBS will use it.



      Please help to configure redelivery limit and DLQ in jboss 6 server for IBM MQ.