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      This might be just a question about the type of gateway I ought to be using, but I have a gateway that tests a condition and goes left or right, depending on the result.

      If it goes left the process will eventually get back to that gateway and try again.


      I've seen an example of this in jbpm5: https://developer.jboss.org/people/bpmn2user/blog/2011/03/01/jbpm5--loop-example


      In 6.1.0.Final (Workbench) my gateway is an XOR and it fails validation with:

      Gateway does not specify a valid direction

      Invalid Gateway direction for Exclusing Gateway. It should be Converging or Diverging.


      (the message does say 'Exclusing', might be a typo but it isn't my typo)

      I don't see a way to specify any of those options on my gateway. Of the four kinds of gateway only XOR looks sensible.

      I can get rid of the message by NOT connecting the left branch back to the gateway node.


      So am I trying to something possible or not?

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          looks like you have both (converging and diverging) gateways that have more incoming and outgoing connections and then the system cannot determine their type. Best is to always stick to only one type and if you need a loop then place another diverging gateway after converging one.



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            Ah, thanks, I get it now.

            I did have a gateway with two entry points and two exits.

            I added a converging gateway (two entry points, one exit) followed by a a diverging gateway (one entry, two exits) and the problem goes away.