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    Getting updated values when deploying war file in wildfly8.0.0


      Hi All,

      I am relatively new to Java EE, so this is something I am trying to figure out. Would appreciate if I get some help with this.

      I am trying to make a dynamic dashboard with some data that gets updated in a json file.

      I am deploying a war file  in widlfy8.0.0. I have a javascript code that accesses  a json file. I am parsing through the contents of the json file to draw on a svg canvas. So I have the following problem

      1.When I manually try to change values in the json file. I don't see the changes being reflected in the web inspector and consequently the svg canvas. I intend to do this differently(servlets posting the data ) once the UI is somewhat developed.

      I understand after some amount of troubleshooting that the deployed file does not reside in the "Web-Content" folder , it is in the deployments folder within the standalone folder.

      What would be the best way to diagnose this problem? Or am I missign something very basic. If there is some section that I need to read in the manual , I would appreciate if some one can point me to that.



      C Nanda