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    [forge-dev] Forge Meeting Minutes - 2015-02-03





      Minutes (text):







      Meeting summary


      • Agenda  (lincolnthree, 15:12:06)


      • Status Reports  (lincolnthree, 15:13:23)


      • gastaldi is working on the Netbeans pending tasks  (gastaldi,



      • Last week I fixed a concurrency issue in Furnace, FORGE-2125, and

          finally rid us of the nasty IllegalStateException when running tests

          from the Arquillian Forge Container.  (lincolnthree, 15:14:17)


      • koentsje has removed forge 1 support from the jbt/jbds master branch

          (koentsje, 15:15:18)


      • gastaldi updated the master branch to run on Arquillian 1.1.6.Final

          (gastaldi, 15:15:31)


      • Last week I did a BBL on Forge : lots of interest !!! (but the team

          heavily uses JSF and felt there was not much except scaffolding)

          (agoncal, 15:16:11)


      • I also released Forge 2.14.0.Final last week, to get some newer

          features and fixes out there sooner.  (lincolnthree, 15:21:03)


      • Conference updates  (lincolnthree, 15:21:18)


      • : koentsje is preparing for the forge hands-on lab @ DevConf in Brno

          (koentsje_, 15:22:04)


      • Priorities & next steps  (lincolnthree, 15:27:14)


      • Finishing NetBeans plugin  (lincolnthree, 15:27:22)


      • Enablement and microservices R&D  (lincolnthree, 15:27:48)


      • JavaEE 7 and expanded command features for development

          (lincolnthree, 15:28:04)




      Lincoln Baxter, III


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