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    [forge-dev] Upcoming releases of JBoss Tools (and Developer Studio)




      Just a friendly reminder that over the next four weeks we will start the

      releases for both maintenance (4.2.3.Beta1) and master (4.3.0.Alpha1).


      This is more agressive push of release than we have done before - thus

      please take note of the dates and be ready. There are no planned nor

      intent of doing

      respins of these.


      week 1: 2015-02-11: Code freeze master (4.3.0.Alpha1)

      week 2: 2015-02-19: Release master (4.3.0.Alpha1)

      week 3: 2015-02-26: Code freeze maintenance (4.2.3.Beta1)

      week 4: 2015-02-26: Release maintenance (4.2.3.Beta1)


      Master will be targeting Eclipse Mars M5 and main gist here is to get a

      working build against Mars and verify basics continues to work

      Branch is for getting a beta1 out to test the bugfixes and feedhenry

      improvements coming there.


      Calendar/overviews are available here:


      - note the codefreeze dates are in the description.








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