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    JDG statistics, configuration and tomcat questions



      I am starting to look at JDG for caching within our app. Have a few questions that hopefully more experienced folks can answer.




      • Is there a way to reset the statistics? This would be used when running performance tests. Otherwise, would have to clear the cache or restart the app.
      • I think the answer to this is no but I will ask anyway. Requests come in from different applications on different hosts for some cached data. Since JDG already keeps cache statistics, is there any way to customize statistics by adding some sort of tag so that stats can be kept per tag (e.g. how many hits from a particular host)?
      • When using a configuration file, how can configuration be logged? When configuring programmatically, the toString() on GlobalConfiguration and Configuration are pretty thorough, but if the configuration is read from a file is there a way to get to the values? Need to retrieve max entries.
      • The Infinispan Data Grid Platform book says cache configurations are immutable and cannot be changed. It seems having the ability to change certain configuration parameters at runtime (e.g. max entries) would be desirable. Any thoughts on that?
      • All the distributed examples seem to be for JBoss Enterprise Application. Are there any for Tomcat? Any gotcha’s for using Tomcat?