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    Switching between local GIT branches causes GIT connector to no longer be able to read a commit?

    Mashama McFarlane Novice

      I have discovered a scenario where after switching between local branches the GIT connector can no longer access the same path within a federated GIT repository. 

      17:35:14,931 WARN  [org.modeshape.connector.git.GitConnector] (default task-22) Cannot read commit "src/lib/jquery.min.js"

      17:35:14,932 ERROR [stderr] (default task-22) javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: The child "jcr:content" could not be found under "/nogece/tree/master/src/lib/jquery.min.js" in workspace "default"


      When I switch back the "jcr:content" under "/nogece/tree/master/src/lib/jquery.min.js" becomes accessible again.  Switching back and forth between these two branches produces the same results...


      ModeShape 4.2

      Wildfly 8.1

      Windows 7